New Beginnings

Now I finally update you on the serious goings on up in this household! In a nutshell… today was my last day at work in Pittsburgh, tomorrow I see our new rental home in Virginia for the first time, Friday I go to work at my new job, Saturday Chad & I come home and start(!) packing the house and Monday we both wake up in the same place to both go to work in the morning in the same city for the first time in about 5 months!!

We will be moving into a townhouse in Northern Virginia, planning to rent for a couple/few years, depending on how things go. Hopefully we will settle in and stay for awhile… something we’re not very good at 😉 I’m super excited for a new project, that is nesting into a new home with new decorating and arranging and designing to be done! We are bummed we can’t take our PA house with us, but we’re hopeful we will find it a new owner soon 🙂 I will post some pics, maybe a video? of the new place ASAP!

7 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Put your seat belts on its going to be a fun ride. You and Chad will finally live in the same house together … new house, new friends, and some good old friends, new jobs, enjoy it. Life is meant to be exciting. We only go around once, make it crazy fun!

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