Fall Decor Cottage Style

I love fall and Halloween, but today I am talking FALL. I have always loved the color changes and the coolness in the air of early fall. It was so stinking hot at the end of the summer, that I have anxiously awaited the weather change. Well, it has been beautiful here in TN. So… we have been away after having our company, so I am a little behind this year. Then as usual one day, I decided, this is the day I am getting the fall stuff out. It just makes a girl feel good to get the house in a cozy mood.  I started with the dining room table. I have made several table runners for different seasons and remembered I made a new fall runner last year, so it gave me a start.

I have invested in nice looking fake gourds and pumpkins so I’m not buying new real ones every year. Maybe that is tacky, but I prefer to spend my money other places. My runner is done in all my house colors (which shows you how much I love fall).  I love the background around the birds. It is an antique looking fabric with vintage dictionary type and has a gold metallic color. My table top was once brown to match the chairs, but after years of wear, I sanded it last year and stained the top cranberry. I love it. It made a big difference. Anyway, candles always add a warm touch to the season change. I’ve even been burning them in the evening . I find I am decorating in “less is more” style since we are retired and down-sized. If anyone would ever tell me that I would decorate less for the holidays I would have thought they were crazy… but guess what, I decorate less. My friends used to call me the Holiday Police. They were always scared I would notice their Christmas decos still up for Valentines Day.  Not a problem now. Enjoy life and do what makes you happy!

I use these old jars for more things, They are great for all sorts of vignettes. I just fill it with scented nuts and cones and stick a big candle in the middle. Add a few pumpkins and your are good to go!

I’ve seen this done all over Pinterest. So I thought I’d give it a try on my breakfast bar. The only problem is, every time I walk by, it looks like big cinnamon buns are in there. It’s kind of a good way to have the look, but you aren’t tempted. That is another story.

I do love my peak in my kitchen. I decorate it for every time of the year. I just keep Rubbermaid bins in my garage to store everything and can easily get to them. So next will be the Halloween and then the pine boughs, and ornaments, and candles, and snowmen…I’ve got to start giving things to Lindsey.

I have many of these feathered crows that I used to decorate my front porch and garden with. I love them. In fact Hobby Lobby has a black feathered owl I really want to get for Halloween. I need to find a 50% off coupon. I thought he looked pretty cute on my old cupboard in my McCoy flower pot. Then I just added an old iron red star and of course, a pumpkin. Then I fill many of my empty vases with fall leaves and such.

My old cupboard makes for a great place to decorate. Boy even I am surprised at my “less is more.” The cross stitch above was done by my friend Caroline. It really fits me. It say Happy Everything and has every holiday on it. Thanks, Caroline- it’s perfect. The pumpkin is from my mom. who taught me to decorate for the seasons. She is now handing them down to me just about every time I see her. Thanks, Mom- keep ’em coming.

And you can’t forget the Hershey kisses that they conveniently wrap for every occasion there is. They are so thoughtful. Thanks, Hershey. In about a week or so, I will get out the Halloween. Did I tell you how much I love Halloween? 🙂 It was always big for me as a child and for our children, including the big one, Roger, my husband. Lots happened every year. You do miss that when its all over and the kids are married. Enjoy your little ones ladies… they grow up fast. Wait a minute…I need grandchildren!

4 thoughts on “Fall Decor Cottage Style

  1. Looking very festive, as usual! I don’t know where you find all the energy but I’m glad you do so all that talent doesn’t go to waste! 🙂

  2. There are too many things to comment on here that I don’t know where to begin! I am now inspired for fall decorating… more on that issue to come… yes, I want all your stuff, especially the crows when you’re tired of them! And, that is the first time I’ve heard you hint at pushing for grandkiddos! Can you imagine the fun making new kid costumes?!

  3. Your peak in your kitchen is really lovely. I have three pot shelves in our home and I really struggle with what to do with them. I’m looking forward to seeing how you change it out through the seasons.

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