Reader Remake

Joyce (our number one commenter!) finished a great Vera Bradley purse makeover recently that we are really thrilled to share. Joyce is already an expert crafter and quilter, so it’s fun to see what she’s up to. Check out her great revamp on this worn out, but really handy, purse. Here you can see the corner that had worn through…

… and the handle that had frayed (my Vera is doing the same thing, Joyce!).

But the inside was as handy as ever with the usual multi-pocket layout and roominess.

Joyce picked a batik fabric and used a lot of hand-sewing to recover the bag starting with the strap…

… and constructing a new outer shell to cover the main body of the bag.

Isn’t that brilliant? Here you can see how she pinned things into place while stitching the different sections to the existing bag.

And voila! New purse. Now that is an wallet-friendly way to make new of your favorite old bag!

Thanks for sharing, Joyce! We love it. So creative, beautiful fun fabric and a super smart way to repurpose something you already have and love!

4 thoughts on “Reader Remake

  1. Joyce, what a fun remake, Inpires me to update a pink VB that I have…it isn’t worn out just feels dated, yet I love the style. Your ideas have me digging in my fabric bin!

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