A couple of weeks ago, I worked on a craft that I couldn’t share because it was a gift for Melinda’s bridal shower! The invitation requested that each guest bring a separately wrapped crafted gift which the bride-to-be, who is a very talented crafter and avid Pinterest-er herself, could use to decorate and use around her home… keeping a sense of humor in mind for those who maybe aren’t talented crafters and avid Pinterest-ers. It was such a darling idea and was super fun at the shower. Since I was flying home for the weekend of the shower and bachelorette party, I needed to keep it simple, packable and non-breakable. I came across this simple, yet super cute, idea by Sherry from YHL and went for it. It involved a wood letter “S” for the new couple’s last name purchased at Michael’s, a piece of scrapbook paper, Aleene’s tacky craft glue and some Mod Podge… plus a sharp pair of scissors or exacto knife. I chose a vintagey looking paper, with colors that I thought would suite Melinda’s style, then simply traced the “S” on the back of the paper with a pencil. I carefully cut it out and glued it with the Aleene’s tacky glue to the wooden “S.”

After smoothing the paper well and allowing the glue to dry overnight, I added a few subtle embellishments in the form of these rub-off white wedding-themed words and sayings. They come on a clear sheet in the scrapbooking aisles and you simply place the section over the paper you’re rubbing onto and use a coin or scissor or something similar to rub the lettering off of the plastic and onto the surface below. To avoid accidentally sticking parts of other words on, you can cut them out and place them first.

I chose a few of the phrases I liked for the bottom…

… and top of the “S” as well as a few other tidbits in the center and sides of the curves. I love how the white and grey lettering kind of blends into the paper so you don’t notice at first, but then when you see it, it adds a sweet lovey, dovey touch.

I applied a thin-medium coat of ready-made Mod Podge over the entire surface of the paper and the rubbed-on letters…

… and I applied it pretty liberally to the edges to make sure that any tiny gap between the paper and the wooden letter would be sealed by the mod podge for a cleaner finish.

Then I allowed this to dry overnight before packing up for the big weekend!

Ta da! Gift for Melinda! She is smiling, so she must have loved it! 😉

I’ll come back in a later post to share some more of the crafty workings of these bridal showers guests. It was so much fun (& sometimes hilarious) to watch all the creative gifts be unwrapped… as well as the usual fabulous loot that our bride also got to enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Craftines-S

    • Thanks- I loved watching all the crafts be opened- what a fun shower idea that was! It great to see you all too! Will be fun when Mom can join us in a few weeks 🙂

  1. This came out really cute. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar for my daughter’s room and I love the extra embellishments you added onto the paper. Beautiful idea!

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