New Computer To Settle The Feud

You probably wonder where I have been. We (me and Rog) were operating on one laptop between the two of us and it was getting ugly. It was never a problem when we were working because we had work computers and, even after retirement, we were fine until I started blogging and opened an Etsy shop. I have needed the computer more than ever before. So our dear son, Jon, gave us a desktop computer and I am thrilled!!!!!!!!! The only problem is I am still getting things set up. I think about starting a new post and then I remember my pictures are on the laptop. I have way too many photos to transfer easily and now the laptop is too S-L-O-W for me. So bear with me and I will be back at it soon. I can hardly leave this post without putting a picture up, but that is what I have to do. Later!

One thought on “New Computer To Settle The Feud

  1. I told you that you’d love a desktop! We feel the same about ours from Jon (for our wedding). Laptops are great for portability, but when doing real computer work, nothing compares to the speed and screen size of a desktop! Enjoy!

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