The Silent Treatment

We must apologize for the several days of blog silence. I wish I could say we were saving blind puppies in Zimbabwe in a monsoon or something, but instead it’s just a lame excuse of life getting in the way! But in exciting news (that was anything but silent), some of that life was a trip home to celebrate my dear friend Melinda’s (rapidly waning!) bachelorette-hood. Actually, it started a few weeks ago when I crafted a fun set of invitations to set the tone for our swanky, yet light-hearted and goofy girls night out. I chose a pack of scrapbook papers in 4 shades of purple and teal, nice jewel tones that I thought reflected Melinda’s style. I also picked up a new embellishment scissor with the fancy edges and several packs of scrapbooking stickers in a variety of party and cocktail themes.

I always buy a lot of extra stuff when I do these kinds of projects because I find it’s good to have choices during the process and then return whatever I don’t open. In this project, I used about 2/3 of the stickers I bought. I also bought two different sets of silvery envelopes, because one came with folded cards that matched and the other was just envelopes. Since I settled on a design that used the colors papers in the end, I didn’t need the set with the matching folding cards. My favorite embellishment was the little diamonds… perfect for a bride-to-be and a nice high style nod to the surprise limo we had planned for the evening!

The text was printed on my home printer in black and the inside piece cut so that it was framed by the outer piece when opened. All the invites were purple with the aqua inside, but Melinda’s was all teal and aqua and, of course, had a little bit different message inside to get her excited for the event, but keep the details a surprise!

Once our swanky white stretch limo picked us up- complete with the red carpet action- it was officially girls night out and we had a blast. Melinda’s surprised reaction was priceless!

The bachelorette enjoyed her stylish digs and the honors that come with being bride-to-be (a.k.a. black feather boa) and we all enjoyed celebrating a truly great friend.

We visited a great little winery, Wide River Winery for a tasting in LeClaire, IA which was really fun. They had great wines! The only bummer was they didn’t sell them in 3 oz. or less containers to carry on to the plane to take home 🙂

Some of their sweet white wines were our favs, and they had an awesome seasonal pumpkin spice wine which was quite popular!

There was lots of laughs throughout our evening and this picture captured the mood nicely 🙂

We were lucky to have beautiful weather and enjoy a fun dinner outside, complete with margaritas and a Mississippi river view!

From invitation-crafting to our awesome Saturday night out, it was a success! Why can’t we have that much fun every weekend??

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