Neighborly Surprise!

Our neighbor called up one day and said he found a quilt rack wood-working pattern and wondered if I would like one. So he ran over with the wood workers magazine (which I don’t know the name of, but I can find out if anyone is wondering). My house is small, so I was hoping it wasn’t a floor model because I just wouldn’t have the room. I have been looking for an old wood ladder that I could paint and then layer  with quilts against a wall. Well lo and behold, its a pattern of a wall mount that has swing out arms for 4 quilts. Woohoo! I told him to go for it. Two days later he shows up with it finished. I told him I wanted to paint it… white, of course. So yesterday I got it painted and last night Roger put it up. I just love it. 

Rog made this great bench for the garage. It rolls on big casters and is the perfect height for this project. And that’s his epoxy floor he did himself. That’s another story. It turned out beautiful.

Anyway, my arms are finishing drying inside…

Finished. It only needs to get mounted and then there are very large bolts that go through each of the protruding pieces so the arms can swing out. Very smart plan.

Stud…using the stud finder.

I think the level is one of the most important tools. I have to force him to use it. I don’t know why. I had to buy it myself. It has a magnet along one side. I use it all the time to hang pictures and quilts or whatever. He did use it to hang the rack. The lovely box in the photo is a monogrammed 40 count linen crosstitch that my friend Carol made for me. It is exquisite. I don’t know how she can see to do it. But she does beautiful work.

Arms added.

Doesn’t it look great?! I love it. I’ll be able to switch out for Halloween and the holidays. Oh boy. 🙂

If any quilter out there wants to know where to find the pattern, just let me know!

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