Push and Pull

Soon after moving into our house at the end of 2010, we picked up this dresser from IKEA for our bedroom. It has held up great and we love the style of the sharp black and contrasting fogged glass. Definitely a steal, in typical IKEA fashion, and has served us well during that first house “we have no furniture” phase. Since the day we put it together, though, I’ve been planning to change out the plastic drawer pulls for something with a little higher end look. A good way to take a low cost item and amp it up a touch. So that plan started about two years ago now and I still haven’t done it!

So finally, on the way home from work Monday, I made a swing by Home Depot to get the ball rolling on my belated drawer pull change up. I was very happy to find a bin of discounted pulls and knobs and gathered up 8 of a simple Martha Stewart style that I really liked in brushed chrome. All 8 for under $17! (Notice how I’m using my Discover card— rackin’ up those rewards!)

However, I was pretty sure my existing pulls were centered at 2.5 inches and the ones I bought were 3 inches. I considered redrilling holes, but with this style of pull, going wider would have left the old holes totally exposed. Not as much of a problem in a solid wood piece you’re going to refinish because you can repair the holes and they won’t be noticeable, but in this faux IKEA piece of furniture, not really a good option.

I did like the improvement in the look though, getting some real metal on the drawers and ditching the dull plastic looking boxy pulls. So even though my HD deal is going to have to get returned, atleast I got the ball rolling on this long-time-coming hardware upgrade. Since 2.5 inches is not really a standard size, I was going to have to shop around online to have some options. My favorite that I found was this guy… simple, chrome, sloping. I love how the cone shaped base gives it a more substantial look without becoming clunky. Problem is these babies are $15.23 each!

I also found this angular, squared off pulls in a brushed nickel. I think this one is more reminiscent of the pulls already on the drawers. They are $5 each, still more than my bargain finds at HD, but a lot better than $15.

This interesting pull keeps catching my eye. It’s not chrome/nickel colored like the others, but would still coordinate nicely with the black & glass drawers. I love the sturdy, industrial looking ends and the contrasting open construction. And I really like the price at $2.19 each!

This brushed nickel may also be a good option. It reminds me of the T-bar style cabinet pulls that are really popular in kitchens now, but scored down the center. For a relatively small sized pull, this style would probably have the greatest ‘lengthening’ effect and it comes in at a reasonable $3.82.

I was also attracted to this super simple chrome pull. I think this would give a rugged industrial look to the dresser. They were $4.08 each.

And very similar was the same style, but in a brushed nickel for a more matte look. They were $4.24 each.

So now I am torn. I know any of these will give an upgrade to the IKEA dresser. Now just to decide which one. I think it’s reasonable to put the budget at less than $5 per pull (that would still be $40 for all 8 drawers). So that knocks the first two out, but I can’t decide between the others! I love the idea of chrome, but do like the interesting style of the black one. And brushed nickel is so timeless and doesn’t shout as much as the polished chrome. I think I need a vote! Thoughts?

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