30-Minute Challenge!

Isn’t that pretty!? That’s what happens when I sew, make jewelry, blog, jet ski, play in poker runs, attend quilt guild meetings, etc. Lindsey reminded me it’s my turn for the 30 minute challenge. So I picked this little project.

Whoops, someone is out of control here. It’s the dust and lint you can’t see…thank goodness. No wonder we’ve been sneezing! So I began.

There is also bits of metal wire all over the room, because when I snip off the ends of wires while I’m making a piece of jewelry, you can actually hear the bits hit the floor or ping on the window. It’s a danger zone. Threads never quite make it to the trash can either. It’s how I work. I do have a good habit of cleaning everything up after a big project, though.

The clock is ticking.

I used my all purpose spray cleaner on everything. Thats the beauty of the Formica finish. All my cabinets and cupboards are from IKEA. Love them and would recommended them for any sewing/craft room.

I labeled my drawers in my new cabinet that I got from Home Depot that is usually for screws, nuts and bolts… only I keep pearls, beads and jewelry findings in them.

Rog had already hung an IKEA rod on the wall for necklaces, bracelets and my cabinet of drawers. I find that little drawer system pretty handy. I just take the drawers to my table when I need them. I do know how to spell…you just have to shorten it so it fits. I like the big print.

Not bad for $17.00 (I think, even if that’s not exactly right, I know it was inexpensive).

All my jewelry boards fit into my white photo booth. I know my big closet would be better. But that’s another day.

Once things were getting into their places, things were looking more like this. Now you can see the tops of my washer and dryer. Love it!

See how much more of the workspace is actually visible now?

And a little more to the right… on the far right wall, you can see the cabinet and rod hanging on the wall to organize my jewelry that I showed you above.

Looking good!!!!!!!!!!!! You can see I’m still working on my Tennessee Backyard Critters quilt. You’re getting a little sneak peak on the progress! The other (to the left) is my start on the Augusta Cole class.

Even my waste can is empty. No shoddy short cuts to make it look good.

Just a few minutes over, but it was well worth it. Now I’ve got to go sew. What procrastinated task could you accomplish in 30 minutes?

6 thoughts on “30-Minute Challenge!

  1. I can’t wait to see the progress on your Tennessee Backyard Critters quilt up close and personal on a future post. It just looks SO cool! I know I’ll love the finished product! (your clean room is lovely too 🙂

  2. Big deal! I could have cleaned that room in less than 5 minutes with a good leaf blower. That leaves more time for a cold beer and a good sit in my chair in the driveway.

  3. That leaf blower comment is from my brother. That is why we call it Family Style Livings! He’s actually very sophisticated.:)

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