Quilt Class With Augusta Cole

I’ve talked before about our local quilt guild… Village Quilters. We host many national quilt instructors and recently we had one of them. The class instructor was Augusta Cole from Richmond, Virginia. She was a hoot. She is a scrap quilter and works with log cabin design. I really enjoyed this class. I’m not a traditional quilter, but I love log cabin patterns.  The class was called “Curved Log Cabin” and you can see some of her other quilts on her website.

The quilt that Augusta is holding here is the pattern we used for the class. You need to work with lights and darks to get the contrast for the curves. Mine was in golds, oranges, burgundy, reds, greens, yellows and some purple.

We have a wonderful community quilt room with fabulous lighting, our own tables, chairs and power. Plus, we have design walls and 6 foot by 4 foot ironing tables and a huge light box. We are very spoiled here!!

This is me… a mirror image of my mother (This could be you someday Lindsey!). I hope you fall in love with quilting too. It is truly a passsion of mine and my mother’s.

Here I’m piecing one of my blocks.

I chose to use all my print scraps. So my lights are in prints and so are my darks. As of today, I have 21 blocks done… only 99 to go. It’s addicting. You get the curved movement in this particular pattern through block placement. It really is a slick method.

Bonus- I didn’t buy any fabric for this quilt! These are all from my stash. I’ll show you a couple of my quilts I have designed and created with these fabrics in them. This one will be in our quilt show this October and I call it “Garden Shed.” The monarch is painted onto fabric, kind of like I did here, and then I fused it to the quilt.

Below is my “Day Lily in The Sun.” Again, I painted the flower and thread painted the detail in the flower. The background is scrap glue tacked and then quilted down. No rules in art quilting!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my 99 blocks of curvy quilting left to go. Did that just put 99 bottles of beer on the wall in your head? Well, if not, I bet it is now!

4 thoughts on “Quilt Class With Augusta Cole

  1. I have to find some words other than “love it” but I do love it. That facility for quilting looks sooooooo nice and so have all those creative people working together must be great! I keep acquiring lovely fabrics and looking at small projects but so far I haven’t started sewing anything. One of these days …. 🙂

  2. You guys really are spoiled! What an awesome room… And don’t worry Mom, I’m sure when I have more time, I will catch the full-fledged quilting bug too! I’ll have to start with small steps. Remember my first quilt that I made using scotch tape because I was too young to use the sewing machine?

  3. Wow… your quilting is a total art form. How fun!! I’m getting ready to start a new one, but it won’t be nearly as intricate as you do. So pretty… thanks for sharing!

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