A Happy Accident

Remember when I shared my entryway photo wall remix here? And topped it off with this sweet little bunch of hydrangea from the backyard?

Well, the blooms lasted weeks to my delight and only recently did I finally replace them (with a partial bunch of stems from Aldi, per my usual antics). When I went for the switcheroo, though, I discovered that the one stem of just greenery that I had snipped had grown some baby roots! I guess it makes sense that the flowers don’t root, but it’s not too hard for the leafy stems to get their root on.

I stuck this single stem in a little vase of water by itself until I was ready to try transferring it from its hydroponic spawning ground to some real dirt.

Among the random stuff in our outdoor storage room, there’s a little shelf where I keep all the little extra pots that are leftover from the store in case they come in handy later… ya know, along with a beer can and some motor oil. Just keepin ‘it real! Well, anyway, now one is actually handy.

I didn’t use a little decorative pot because it’s highly likely I will end up killing this little cutting and I thought it might have half a chance if I put it in an actual growers’ pot with drainage holes and lucky growing powers and such.

I just poked a little hole in the center and put the rooty bits in, trying to keep them kind of loose in there, then covered it all over and firmed up the top.

But it can’t live in the house only in that ugly pot, of course, so I still scrounged up one of my small IKEA pots, leftover from a little desk plant that outgrew it, and washed it out to hold Mr. Hydro Hydrangea. I promise not to overwater 🙂

So cute, right?

Here he is on the kitchen ledge where there’s a view of his Dad, the big hydrangea. I’m not sure why they are male, but they just are in this story.

So hopefully my low tech cutting transplant takes hold and I’ll have a lovely little hydrangea to plant outside next spring, for FREE! Oh, I love the sound of my favorite price. If it were earlier in the year, I’d just try planting it outside and see what happens. But for now, this is an indoor experiment. I’ve heard you can do this pretty easily with lilac too, so maybe I’ll give that a try. We have a lilac bush that is being choked out by the tall shady pines in our back yard currently. Has anyone else successfully made a growing plant out of an inadvertent cutting? Or experience a totally different happy accident recently? Do share!

4 thoughts on “A Happy Accident

  1. I’m laughing out loud at your father and son plants. I’m shocked that it rooted. Mine didn’t. But fall is the time to plant that baby this year. It should have some good roots on it by then. We’ll see what Joyce has to say about that.

  2. Wow. I’m impressed. I am always taking broken cuttings from various bushes, hoping they will root. Usually the water just ends up stinky and I end up throwing the whole thing away. Way to go Lindsey!

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