What A Difference A Door Makes

A front door should be welcoming.  Ours was a solid door when we bought the house, with a little side light of clear glass. Definitely not enough light coming from the front of the house.

Not bad, just too dark inside the front room. Soooo… off with the door.

This job took place in the fall. Hence the messy steps… and beautiful colors on our trees!

Now the new door and the wonderful red. At first it seemed like it would be too bright of a red, but since the door is recessed a bit,  it works.

We chose this leaded glass beauty and love it. Lots of natural light and we picked a medium privacy level. It works well. I’ve only had to run a few times to the bedroom to get a cover-up! We are in a pretty private community. You know I love cottage design, so I decided to stuff my door basket with ferns for the hot August days. I made a bow out of white burlap.  I used the white burlap on all my wreaths and door decos for the holidays last year too.

I’m pretty pleased  with the outcome. Wish I could find the paint chip to tell you the color. But it doesn’t really matter. Door color should go well with your house color and the existing light.  I’m kind of color nuts, but I also like the door to blend well with the interior when it is open. Is that too anal? Let me know.

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