Sequence Night With the Chickens


It was sequence night at my house last night. A group of us from the neighborhood play once a month on a rotation schedule. It’s a good reason to eat, drink, cackle (world problems are solved) and have a great time. One of the husbands makes these boards for us. They are fantastic. The original game is much, much smaller. He mounts large card sections on Masonite, and adds a finished layer to the bottom for scratch resistance. Then he orders the clay chips, which are very nice and 2 sets of cards.

So I had 12 women over and lots of wine, fruit, veggies and spinach dip, Pepperidge Farm Cracker Chips (which they all went nuts over) and I had pretzel M&M’s, honey roasted nuts, and pound cake  (Sarah Lee of course– my girlfriends from back home are probably gasping in disbelief) with this wonderful Coffee Caramel Sauce by StoneWall Kitchen with praline walnuts over the pound cake. Whew! All ready-made stuff. No use reinventing the wheel.

Table 3

Table 2 and food on the bar.

Table 2 & 3

You don’t need a lot of room to have fun. Once the chickens arrived, the wine starting flowing and the cackling was at a roar and I forgot to take pictures until the end when we  decided to check out the Olympics.

Now I can rest. House is clean and back to my crafting!

4 thoughts on “Sequence Night With the Chickens

  1. We have a blast on game night. Its fun to get a bunch of friends together and play. You should try it … don’t wait to have fun. I hate to say, your dad decided to go check out the National Horse Shoe Convention in Knoxville. He went up in the Worlds Fair Sphere and ate dinner out with the guys.He can always find something to do around here.

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