Beading For Brides

I bead just about every day. I love to dream up a design and figure it out in my studio (craft room). Yesterday I made a couple pair of earrings for my  Etsy shop, PeeGee Jewelry. I started it up in June of this year and it’s been a lot of work figuring everything out, but I am sure having fun with it. I was so excited to get my first sales.  Thanks friends! I think the blogging and shop has helped keep my brain a little sharper. Is that possible? I am still trying to find out what kind of jewelry I prefer to make. It’s like when I found art quilting was my thing. Now I have to see who I am in the jewelry making world.

You can see quilting in the back and beading in the front. And yes that is a McDonalds cup in the background. So I needed food after getting groceries!

I start by adding my chain and by attaching the pearls and vintage crystals.

The hinged ear wires look like a different color in the pic , but they are the same.

My fingers look so dry, but working with silver wire can be a bit hard on the skin. This is the completed earring. And this is how it looks on Etsy.

Aren’t they pretty? Well now on to the next project…it’s game night at my house tonight. So I will be setting up a game party for 12 women. Don’t worry, I’ll share all the fun details of food and whatnot afterward!

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