Bear In Mind…

I woke up to rain, so I thought it would be a perfect day to work on my quilt. I have added the bottom grass area and did a bit of designing. My last block was a sheep. What? A sheep, really? It’s darling, but not in my “Tennessee Backyard” (title of my quilt). The Sister With Artistic Attitude that made it has horses and probably has sheep too. Oh well. It will go on the back with 2 others as my label and to make the back interesting.

I used a tone on tone green fabric for my grass in the yard. It will basically be a back drop for critters and plants.

So now the fun begins. Fusing and fusing…

I liked the tulle that you saw pinned before, but after staying awake thinking about it (I am constantly designing in my mind, my friends think I’m crazy), I decided to do colors of batik in streaming pieces of fabric. So I fused Pellon Wonder Under on the fabrics and started cutting and pinning to my design wall and found I liked this best. So off goes the tulle to be used another day on another project.

I made a drawing of a bear on freezer paper, a quilters friend. You draw on the paper side and iron the shiny side to the right side of the fabric.  Then you cut it out on the lines on your freezer paper.The paper can be used over and over again. It just peels off your fabric and is ready to iron to another piece of fabric. Wonderful cheap stuff to make patterns.

Now starts the fusing of background pieces. You have to think about layers. Fusing sticks nicely, so you want to think about what edges you want to overlap what.  It’s like a big puzzle. I leave the outer edges loose for awhile in case I want to tuck something under a piece.

Looks kind of silly at this point….but I have a plan.

I have since cut and fused the facial features. But I’m saving that for later. Ta Ta for now. Back to the Olympic Equestrian Events!

5 thoughts on “Bear In Mind…

  1. Well, it’s too bad you don’t have sheep in your backyard because Ollie would really enjoy them when she visits Grandma and Grandpa. I am jealous you are watching the equestrian games! I will be getting filled in on the recorded portions I have tonight!

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