Challenge Quilt: Building My Pond

First of all, I thought I would start out with a picture of my studio that my wonderful husband had built a year ago. I love it and feel very fortunate to have something this nice to create in. I use to sew in a 10 x 11 spare bedroom, but that was before the other machine. This room is 16 x 16 and is filled with IKEA cabinets and my Tracey’s Tables sewing table. I use a Bernina Virtuosa 160. I love it. Behind my sewing table is another one that holds my TinLizzie Long Arm Machine. It is a sit down model made for art quilting and sure has made my quilting easier. Anyway, I wanted you to see this room while it is fairly clean. Once I can really get into my challenge quilt, it won’t look like this. I get my final block this Saturday and them  I can really make progress. I started to work on my pond yesterday and this is where I will stop until I know what animals are going to go where. It’s far from done, but it’s a start. I created the pond basic form by fusing my pieces to muslin so it will be one piece that I will be able to attach to the background. This example is pinned until I am happy with the placement.

Now I will start the fusing process. I like to use Pellon 805 Wonder Under. Its pretty light weight and makes it easier to sew through several layers. I started with the top stone in the pond and fused to each one below. I will add more stones where I need them from my fabric with the fusing already applied to the back. I used 3 different fabrics to make the stones. In other words, I apply the Wonder Under to a big piece of fabric in the color I want so I can add when I need too. Then I don’t have to stop and apply more fusing. I do so many quilts that are pictorial that I will use this fabric again on something and it’s all ready with the fusing applied to the back. I simply keep the extra pieces in a ziploc bag to keep it from drying out.

This is how it looks fused. Only the foam on the water is still pinned because I need to find the perfect fabric and method to make my water fall somewhat transparent. The Hosta is pinned because I’m not sure where it will go yet. As you can see I have background “sky” up at the top. I need to get my foreground fabric decided also. Here is a pic of my actual pond. I will be making a likeness of it only. My critters are more important to me in this piece.

The rest of the day was spent like this.

We went to a dock party at our friends house on the lake. It’s the Tellico Village Motorcycle Club annual event. It was a food fest of course. It’s always a great time with great people.

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