Style File: Natalie’s Living Room, Part 1

Today we are introducing our first reader room for a re-design, Natalie’s living room. This living room is the central hub of family life for this active family of four, including two working parents, a toddler and cat. After moving into their new house together, Natalie and fam had big spaces to fill with a mix of college and hand-me-down furniture to get started. Recently, they purchased this nice contemporary entertainment center, which fills out this big end wall much better than a low TV stand or media console. And they just had a sofa-loveseat pair in rich chocolatey brown delivered to help begin building the new living room.

The goals of this re-design are to work with the neutral base that is offered by the existing creamy carpeting, 2-inch wood blinds and mostly neutral walls which extend into the large entry foyer, hallway and dining room and to bring in texture, color and coziness with accent furniture pieces, textiles, accessories… and maybe just a little paint. 🙂

Most importantly, we need to create a living space that works for a growing toddler that spends a lot of time playing in this area and his parents that need to kick back after a long day at work… or play!

Natalie does like bright colors, so we are picturing layers of neutrals in natural wood grain and taupes and browns, mixed with contemporary pops of lime green and teal blue. This pillow from Pier 1 captures the vibe nicely.

As far as color palette goes, this cozy blanket from Etsy also fits the bill.

This Pinterest find is more mid-century modern, but is a nice example of an aqua blue/teal accent wall helping this mid-tone wood storage unit pop a bit. A nice idea for the wall behind Natalie’s entertainment unit, no?

Another Pinterest find illustrates the great combo that is teal and chocolate brown. We could do something similar, but in reverse in terms of chocolate brown furnishings with a neutral & teal wall combo. Also, we are loving this great floor lamp with it’s task-lamp style joints and soft round shade.

Here’s a view of the room from the large opening to the dining room which gives a better appreciation of the current layout. As you can see, we are working with a pretty large space with 1) toys & books that need a good storage solution to serve as both a kiddo- & adult-friendly space, and 2) furniture with built-in recliners. With the built-in foot raising and resting already happening, we can be creative in the center of the room for something that will serve as a surface to place books and magazines, cozy up the space, and create a center focal point, all while being flexible to move away for playtime and increase the functionality of this room.

Another spot that we want to take better advantage of is the space between the banister and the seating area. Currently, this space seems pretty tight, but by shifting the furniture arrangement a bit, this area will open up which will create an opportunity for more storage and welcoming guests up the steps from the front door.

And just because we love some Pinspiration, here’s some more inspirational rooms with ooo-inspiring color combos that jive with this re-design.

Love the paired orange side tables and pillows layered over neutral walls and furniture in this living room, along with those great curvy lamps!

This room has great architectural details, some of which comes from the great driftwood looking coffee table…

And this homey space is a great example of teal and limey-yellow accents in an otherwise soft and neutral space.

So many great ideas, so little time! Natalie, are you nervous yet? Next week, we’ll share our style file for what we think would work well in this room to help Natalie with her big re-design!

4 thoughts on “Style File: Natalie’s Living Room, Part 1

  1. Wow! This is an amazing start! We LOVE the color combo of lime and teal. We would love to have a teal wall just like the one in the pic! Nervous? No. Super excited? Yes!

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