Ladies Retreat

There’s nothing like girlfriends to entice you to jump on a plane for a weekend of good old fashioned 13-year old glee.

This past weekend I met up with three of my besties for a little roadtrip and summertime fun.

While this particular weekend threw us a few curveballs, we did manage to hit up the Indiana Dunes, a special little strip of Lake Michigan beach-front right off of I-94 in Indiana, not far from Chicago. Even though I grew up in the great state of Illinois, I never visited the Dunes before.

They were sandy…

and hilly…

and even a little bit foresty…

and pretty much everything dunes should be! All made better by a few crazy great friends.

I must show this diva-esque picture, not only to share a fabulous shot of how a drop-dead-diva dries her hair, but to show off my dear friend Melinda’s greatest NEW feature, the diamond ring on her left hand! Mom and I are very excited for this wedding and she is currently working on helping our bride-to-be out with her (secret) headpiece. More details after the big day, of course 🙂

Back to our mini-vaca in the sand! Not only did we frolic in the sand and soak up some rays, but we even learned about rip tides…

and spotted a Border Collie (awww, made me miss my Ollie!).

All-in-all, a great time with my buds & we got to catch up on plans for redecorating Natalie’s living room, some upcoming home and business projects for Blair and, of course, Melinda’s wedding plans. Hope to share more on all of those things as they happen! We want to make our mini-vaca a regular ritual. Anyone else have regular trips with old friends? Nothing better than taking a break from adulthood to regress into goofballs with your nearest and dearest!

7 thoughts on “Ladies Retreat

  1. They look like chip off the old block fan club ladies! Keep it up girls. You never want to let go of those special friends. We all need our girlfriends!

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