Bargain Cottage Style Decor

Saturday we decided to spend the day in a little town called Sweetwater TN. The town is loaded with antique shops and great little restaurants and gift shops. I never thought Roger would go, but he thought it would be fun to check out some of the “antique” (good junk) shops I peruse from time to time. I’ve got him watching Junk Gypsies with me on HGTV. He thinks the stuff they do is pretty cool, so he thought he’d like to go along. Well, if he would have had a pocket full of money he probably would have had a truck full of stuff (his stuff). He loves the gas station antiques. Maybe someday he can have his own gas pump all refurbished. Maybe?!

We had a great lunch and then we hit the shops. I am always on the look-out for cream McCoy pottery. I used to have a bunch of it in pastels, but I thought it was time to sell it off about 10 years ago and now I want it again. Oh well, we women do change our minds! It so happens Lindsey’s mother-in-law collects the McCoy pots and when I saw hers after not having them for so long, I wanted to start the old collection up again, but this time in creamy white only (although the green would look great in here too). I found this beauty, which is not a McCoy, but I loved it and it was only $4.80.  Roger just rolled his eyes and said, “I thought we weren’t collecting any more.” Just these dear. Isn’t it pretty? I have it on my coffee table. My friend down the street brought me flowers for my birthday that night and I plopped them right in the vase. It was meant to be. I’ve moved it around a bit. I like it best on the coffee table. It’s tall and I think this is the best fit. I can already picture holly and berries and evergreens in it for the holidays.

The two on the left are McCoy and the swan on the right is not marked. If anyone ever told me I would buy a swan, I would have thought they were crazy. We do change. I got it at an estate sale for $5.00 and I love it too. I painted the old cupboard that belonged to my great grandparents, a creamy white. Its filled with seasonal stuff. My home is filled with color, but there is nothing like white in cottage design.

Sunday was another birthday dinner with friends. We do a lot around food in this neighborhood. Had a great time!

2 thoughts on “Bargain Cottage Style Decor

  1. Love it all! The other day someone on the swap was looking for yellow pottery so I drug out some of my treasures to see what I had stashed away. I was surprised how much McCoy I still have. A couple of bright yellow pieces went to Morgan and Scott for their kitchen, and I have passed the creamy white McCoy butterfly vase and some green pieces to Brooke and Joe. Still hanging onto several pieces but I don’t have the decorating skill to display it like you do. Both you and Lindsey are amazing!

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