Painting Hosta Leaves…For My Quilt

I decided to get some of the ground work done while I am waiting for my last quilt block. I will get that on the 28th of this month.  I know I will be putting Hosta plants around the base of my tree and the pond, so lets get ‘er done.

I keep plenty of white prepared-for-dye (PFD) fabric around. You can use a good bright white muslin for painting, but wash it first to get all the chemicals out of the fabric. I am using TSUKINEKO Inks again. I love the transparency and the soft look that you get. I am just painting a general shape of a Hosta leaf. You don’t have to get all nervous about drawing one or using a pattern. Nature makes leaves in all shapes of tear drops with 2 points. Hostas have lines in them so I am just going to paint in that general direction.

I used green, white, and yellow and just a touch of black to make my shades in the leaf and green-white edging. Remember Hostas come in all shades of green. You just have to be consistent so your leaves look like they all come from the same plant. 🙂

Now I am adding a touch more of the greenish-white. By the way, I have a photo that you will see in the next shot that is sitting on my table so I get a feel for the colors and natural irregularities.

The picture is one I took of my own Hosta plants. Then I just print it on regular paper for a guide. Don’t waste photo paper for this purpose. I also have a piece of batting and hand dyed green backing for making the dimensional leaf. I use variegated thread on most all of my quilting because it flows so nicely and makes your work appear more realistic. I am using Superior King Tut thread. Its my favorite! You also will need very sharp scissors.

Layer your bottom, right side down. Then your batting and, last but not least, lay your painted (and dried) leaf fabric on the top. Cut out all three pieces together in a rough shape. Just give yourself enough to hold onto to quilt. You could cut a bigger chunk if you wanted to. I’m always trying to make my hand dyed fabrics go as far as I can take them.

Now you can see my free motion quilting I have just completed. I use a slider pad and drop the feed dogs on my machine and push my quilt all around anywhere I want it to go. Its like steering. See the irregular shapes around the edge. That will look more lifelike when they are all together.

This is the back. Now I just have to use my sharp detail scissors and cut the leaf out. I will cut it next to the thread, not through the thread. I like the raw edge look. Remember in art quilting there are not rules!

See the subtle variations in the leaf?

TaDa! That is the leaf that I just finished. Now on to the next one…

Well, today is actually my birthday so instead of making more leaves I’m going for a facial and relax. Have a great day. I know I’m planning on it! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Painting Hosta Leaves…For My Quilt

  1. Happy Birthday, Mom! Wish I could join you for facials! 🙂
    I love seeing how the individual pieces of these quilts come together. It looks so intimidating when you see the finished product, but when you break it down, it looks really fun! Have a great B-day!


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