My Challenge Quilt Has Begun

I am now going to show you the 12 blocks that have been done for me by my fellow art quilt bee quilters for our challenge. I have one more block coming to me in 2 weeks and then I have to put them all together in a cohesive manner that represents “My Tennessee Back Yard.” Each of us are making our own quilts with the blocks that have been done for us.  They are scheduled for a quilt show in Janurary and due to be completed in December. So here they are….

These blocks are for me to do as I wish. Remember , we are art quilters, so we joke that we have no rules. When I start a project, the first thing I do is hang my ideas on my design wall. The wall is made of 2 sheets of foam insulation board and covered with flannel. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I spend a lot of time letting ideas stay on the wall for days. I stop by my studio off and on throughout the day and just stand there and stare. Finally things start to gel.

I decided to cut the backgrounds away from each block in order to make them easier to blend in to my scheme. My plan is to put my pond in the middle with plants and my trees that are in my backyard and build my critters around that.

Here are a few of the blocks cut away. I feel this was the only way I will be able to get it all to work.

I attached some batik fabric to the puckered batik on the top and bottom of the tree. I will later thread paint it to match the puckers.

Aren’t the blocks great?!  You will see them all as time goes on. The other part I did today was dye a sky blue color on white fabric so I can get a large sky behind the block pieces.

Now I need to sleep (or not sleep) on it and get more ideas and ways to blend it all. I do have a lot of plants and trees in my yard and I want to get it as close to representing my yard as I can. I will continue to share this project with you until it is completed, so stop back to see the progression..

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