Entryway Mixer

Back when we did our living room overhaul, discussed here and here, I initiated a photo wall that faces the front door. It was a collection of photos of places we’ve lived or visited, our wedding and other things that were meaningful to us. I think it’s a nice way to welcome people to our home. But since the intial photo hanging, the arrangement has been bothering me. It wasn’t really finished and since we still haven’t really furnished the front entry way, it looked super lonely.

A couple weeks I also purchased a little white nightstand chest using a Living Social deal I got for a local Pittsburgh furniture store.

When I picked it up last night, I put it first under the little photo wall and thought it sure was nice to have atleast one (albeit small) piece of furniture in that space. I would love a long console table or chest with a bit more oomph, but I think the little nightstand could live there as a placeholder for now.

The other motivator for a entry wall mixer was the “S” Mom sent me home with after our trip to Tennessee last weekend. I knew it was time for a new arrangement. So I laid out a few things that could potentially join the wall including the “S,” some hanging vases and a few other frames I had around with old pictures.

After a little rearranging…

And some more rearranging…

I came up with a more circular shape that I think complements the space much better than the random rectangular-ness I had going on before. Besides adding the “S,” I only ended up adding one other photo and removing one photo. So, all-in-all not that much different, but doesn’t it just feel better now? Less random, a little more grounded.

I’d love to get a big basket or plant or something to live by the little chest, but really I’d just love a bigger piece of furniture. But for now, much improved! Here’s a little view from the couch, looking towards the hall…

And I even got to finally snip a few bunches of my hydrangea bush out back. And my little Isabel Bloom frog got to come out of hiding and join the mixer in the entryway.

So who thinks my little chest is way too small or just right for this space? Always a work in progress… but I’m so glad to finally have a new photo arrangement!

6 thoughts on “Entryway Mixer

  1. Love your photo collage – and the addition of the “S”! I agree that a bigger piece of furniture could be just lovely and perhaps give a better scale, but the new circle arrangement also makes the smaller nightstand seem to fit better! Well done!

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