Thread Sketched Quilt Block

Today I decided to take a break from my jewelry and get some quilting done. Our quilt bee, called Sisters With Artistic Attitude, has been doing a challenge since Aug. 2011. Each of us decided on a theme that we wanted our quilt to have. Then each month we made a block to go along with a specific person’s theme and size specifications. In turn someone in the group is working on one for me. My theme is Tennessee Backyard Critters. Today I finished the last block on my list for Marcia. Whew! Now we have to put all our blocks together that everyone has made and create a cohesive quilt from all that was created for us and show them in Janurary. Another whew! I’m going to show you how I made Marcia’s. Her theme is trees.

First thing is my design. Today I thought of a simple idea in my head. I usually draw something, but I knew how I wanted this to look. So…my block will be Birch Trees. This cupboard is my palette. I chose a grunge white fabric that has light greys and blues on it as if it was dirty.

Then I cut my fabric to Marcia’s  requested size. Actually I cut it a little bigger because when you thread sketch, you lose some size. Also I want her to have some to trim off to fit her quilt. We usually use 1/4 inch seams.

Then I fused a light weight stabilizer to the back so the fabric could handle all the thread stitching I would be doing. She will be the one to add batting and backing when it is all done.

Then I chose my thread. I love to use variegated threads because it shows action and life. You get lights and darks randomly like in nature.

Now I start the stitching. I start in the middle and work my way out. You can see the stretching and wonkiness of the fabric . I could have used a heavier stabilizer. I draw in the trees with my machine by using free motion. That is when you drop your feed dogs on the bed of your machine so you can steer the fabric anywhere you want to go. This is actually a long arm machine and I do all my art quilting with it. There are no feed dogs on this machine.

My basic sketching is done. Now to add some color. I can visualize sky and the leaf umbrella of the trees.

Now I am adding TSUKINEKO  all purpose ink that I bought at a quilt show and forgot I had it. Well I’m glad I found it because I love the transparency of the color on fabric. Love it!!!!! You can get this on Dharma Trading Co. website too.

Here is one of the bottles.

Now you can see the sky and leaves starting to pop!

Finished. Now to square it up.

Now the finished block, ready to give to Marcia at the next meeting ! I hope she likes it..

I love how this turned out. It will be a completed 14 x 7 block when she sews it together with her other blocks. Hope I wasn’t too long winded. I set out to get this project done today and I did it! Hooray!

6 thoughts on “Thread Sketched Quilt Block

  1. Awesome- I did not know you could paint fabric! I love how simple, yet detailed it is. It will look really neat in a whole quilt of tree-themed blocks. I hope you show us pictures of the finished quilts!

    • I totally agree, Jen. You don’t see what’s coming and then, bam! it’s a forest of birch trees! Will be cool mixed in with a quilt of all different trees…


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