Fun Was Had By All

Lindsey, Chad and our grand-dog, Ollie, arrived Thursday for a few days of relaxing on the lake.

We had record hot temps and it sure felt good on the water.

We spent most of Friday touring the lake, out to lunch at a favorite spot for boats on Tellico  Lake, and then a dip for a few hours.

Ollie wore her life jacket for the first time and became very confident in the water. In fact, once she got the hang of it, she paddled around everywhere. She still felt the need to herd the birds that kept fluttering around us. Border Collies are intense workers. We have to remind her that she is off the clock.

Ollie paddling around. She really seemed to enjoy it.

Roger and Chad helping Ollie initially. She caught on fast after that.

Back to the Harbor…

We spent time discussing our blog, my Etsy shop, and just plain enjoyed being together. They went back to the work grind and I have a busy week ahead of me. Guild meeting and quilt class  from the national quilt  artist, Cynthia England

I am very anxious to learn her technique since I do most of my quilting from my photography. She creates a pattern and then splices it up. I’ll show you my project that I do in her class. Off to put the house back together. It was such a great time I hate to see it end!

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