Y’All Ready for This?

Get ready for some craziness!

OK, so this intro may be a little over-dramatic, but our dining room is definitely the most dramatic room in our little casa. So, here is what has been evolving in what was actually our first home project- the orange dining room. Chad’s favorite color, on my top 3 and a good friend to my favorite, lime green. So why not mix it up in the dining room? After we moved in, we were working with this, a pretty blank slate with a touch of robin’s egg blue… plus a little grad-school’esque furniture.

When Mom and Dad were here not long after our move-in, Mom helped us test a few different shades of orange and gave us the encouragement to go for it!

By the time our visit had passed, we finalized our choices: Glidden Pumpkin Patch for below the chair rail, and Glidden Juicy Cantaloupe for above the rail. Do you think we are crazy yet? I hope not! Let the dining room painting party begin! We used Glidden paint and not yet having any idea how to paint properly having more experience with different paint products and tools, we did not prime, nor did we buy paint and primer in one.

For future reference, especially with red and orange tinted paints, I would highly recommend my current favorite, Behr Premium Plus paint and primer combo. And I may just try straight up priming with a grey based primer in the future as a base under vivid orange or red colors. It will just reduce the number of coats in the end.

AND you just must get the best little edging brush out there. I picked up two after the folks at Young House Love were raving about this handy little brush and it was the best painting supply purchase ever! Not only were these brushes the least expensive I’ve bought at about $4 each, the nylon bristles clean better than any other and make the painstaking task of edging brilliantly smooth. I never use tape because it’s quicker for me to just edge in a smooth motion than tape and worry about lifting the tape before the paint dries over it. So, after our bright painting party, we had a fab new orange room.

At this point, we were not digging the black wrought iron because it looked a little Halloween-ish. We have been a little torn over the wood… I think in the future I’d love a white/orange combo, but for this room, the woodwork was good quality and coordinated with the built in china cabinet so we wanted to keep it. Plus we were kind of digging the retro Brady Bunch vibe of the dark wood and orange combo.

This inspired me to be on the lookout for a mid-century buffet to span that long empty wall and provide additional storage. Finally I found my match on Craiglist for $65! We lightly sanded the finish just to help remove grime and scuff the surface thoroughly. We started the buffet re-do actually upon another visit from the parents. Dad helped me out by sanding up the surface.

And Mom got to help with this one too. She recommended we apply a wood restorative product to deepen the color a bit and just recondition the wood to its original look instead of attempting to refinish the whole thing. I admit, I was a doubter, but it turned out so great! This was a fairly quick, afternoon project and the wood turned out beautifully with just this one simple step. I’m so glad I didn’t try to fully sand down and restain. We could always do that in the future if we wanted to go with a different color stain, but this was just right for the current dining room. Good advice, Mom!

Not bad at all for one afternoon’s work! I never imagined with how dingy it looked when we picked it up that the wood would look this great (well, still missing the drawers but you get the picture). Notice the white window pane inserts in the back of the garage? That’s part of the living room project that had just commenced at the time I got this buffet.

We left the buffet in the garage for the rest of the day, but moved it inside by night to finish drying out of the humidity. It was still off-gassing a bit, so we left the windows open some for a day while everything dried completely.

On the same visit from Mom & Dad, we ladies sewed up the new curtains for the dining room (and living room) from the dandelion fabric I ordered from fabric.com. I so adore these little green dandelions! AND Chad spray painted the black table base to coordinate as well (my trusty husband always the official spray painter in our household). Finally a little lime green to befriend the orange walls. Smile.

I also hung a couple black and white photos on one wall with oversized mattes and white frames to help balance out the color saturation in the room. These were photos of Ollie and another one of us, but from a distance, taken during our engagement photo session by Louisa Podlish, the awesomest photographer ever!

We also picked up 4 sleek modern white chairs from IKEA for just $30 a pop on sale. What an upgrade that was from our beechwood folding chairs. Very glad to have those college-apartment purchases replaced finally.

So we were finally looking a bit more put together, but I was growing to dislike this wrought iron chandelier by the day. So I was keeping my eyes peeled for a great new fixture!

Did I mention how I love these sweet dandelions? The white backdrop of the curtains nicely balances against the orange walls and I love the little pops of lime green.

I started fishing through my stocks of plates to come up with a large wall-decor concept. I liked this hanging plate arrangement so planned to put this on the wall over the buffet.

I haven’t yet gotten the flanking plate racks sprayed to add on either end (still on the list!), but did get this pair of frames on sale at Michaels and then filled them with craft paper for a backdrop to a pair of coordinating (free!) clippings from a fabric ad in Veranda magazine. Gotta love free art.

Next I found my big break on Joss & Main and got the last of these pendant shade lights to replace the dark and heavy chandelier. Love it!

And the new view from the kitchen…

And all dressed up for dinner…

So come over for dinner and dine in our cheery room, enveloped in my and Chad’s favorite color pairing- orange and lime. I’d love to find a great rug for this space, something that doesn’t compete with the color already on the walls or the pattern of the drapery, but holds its own at the same time. Plus I want to hang some blinds– maybe a bamboo roman shade– at the top of each window to complete the tall window look I started with the near-ceiling mount of the curtain rods. It’s always a never ending list! But that’s why home design is so much fun– you’re never really done. Smile.

Just saw this post over at Centsational Girl using the Restore A Finish product I used on my buffet. She did an AWESOME white paint job on the outer case and left the drawers wood. My buffet may meet the same fate some day!!! So cool…

8 thoughts on “Y’All Ready for This?

  1. Wow… love the orange and lime combo! So much fun!! And I can’t believe you didn’t use tape. I’m going to have to try your edging tool recommendation because I hate taping and I’m on day two of touching up where the paint bled thru. We used the Glidden Paint & Primer Combo on our dark purple walls and we got complete coverage in two coats. Thanks for dropping my blog and leaving a comment. Cheers! ~Danielle

    • Exactly- the paint bleed through makes it not worth the fuss with the tape. I use it occasionally for certain things, but not for general cutting in and trimming. Just always have a damp/wet rag on hand and then if you get a little smear somewhere you don’t want it, just wipe it and keep going! Thanks for the Glidden Paint & Primer combo tip. I think those combo paints are the best. Haven’t tried Glidden’s yet, but I definitely will if you had good luck with it!


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