Bye Bye Blues

In this post last week, I mentioned I was painting another room. It was not a terribly exciting paint job, but one that needed to be done! I have avoided painting the baby blue guest room (complete with blue carpet, no less) since moving in. The room has been home to guests (primarily the parents) on several occasions, but unfortunately has remained somewhat low on the re-design priority list. Since we are on the market now, it was time to get this room at least spiffed up in a more warm, neutral color.

My original plans involved ditching the carpet, lime green walls, and a cool combo of black, white and lime, hence the different colors of green samples painted on the walls.

But now this project was about getting ready to sell— namely to clean it up, get rid of my green samples I’d painted around (tear), neutralize the baby boy blue and…. after a drain pipe sprung a leak in that wall a few weeks ago… also to repaint over the patched hole that was cut in the wall to replace the pipe. See the grey-ish smear of drywall mud here?

We were lucky to have a home warranty that paid for itself in this repair. The companies they hired to do the fix were super professional and went above and beyond to fix things right. The best part? It only cost us a $75 co-pay out of pocket. Cheers for keeping up the home warranty! So after much agony of picking an appropriate neutral color, I settled on Behr’s Coliseum Marble and used the Behr Premium Plus paint & primer in one in an eggshell finish. The trick here was to downplay the blue carpet and pick a color that contrasted the creamy colored trim (haven’t painted this room’s trim white yet, and I’m not planning on it now that we are moving) enough so that it didn’t look like one solid cream mess. Plus, I wanted something that wouldn’t look totally out of place right next door to the grey/white combo in the hall.

Partway through the paintjob, here’s what I had. Blue turned beige! Yaaaawwwwn……………

Seriously, though, it’s a great choice to freshen up and neutralize this room a bit. It’s warm and contrasts the less than desireable colored trimwork with enough grey undertones to fit with the rest of the house. I was pretty happy with it going on and here’s the final product. Could easily make a bedroom, office, anything out of this, right?

Luckily, I have this beautiful blue quilt my grandma made that coordinates instead of fights with the blue carpeting. Makes it a little more tolerable as an interim color scheme until the house sells.

This is the last room on my list to paint for selling the house, so I really hope we sell this summer! Anyone have any kind words for my neutral color choice? I have never bought paint so neutral! I am happy with the end result— it’s just not one of my fav colors that inspires me everytime I look at it. But how about this tidy little bedroom now?

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