Early Morning Harvesting In My TN Garden

This morning we are dealing with another day of this unusual 103 degree heat.  Our area hasn’t been in the 100’s since the 1950’s. Whew! I haven’t talked about the garden yet, but I am today. My friend, Caroline, and I found out that we have free community garden plots. Who new?!  She has never had a veg garden, and I haven’t done it since the kids were little.  So we signed up for our garden plot and went to work in early May. Most people had stuff planted already. We got a late start. We were lucky that someone had tilled ours and then changed their mind. That saved some aching muscles. We took our tools and boots and bucket up to prepare the ground. Then we were off to Home Depot to shop for plants. Caroline is a flower gardener, so she really wanted to plant flowers. I had to help direct her to our purpose, veggies! She finally got it and off we went to plant. We call ourselves “Hoers.” I have a feeling the men’s coffee group placed bets as to how soon we would give up to the weeds. We’ll show em.



Now can we farm or what?!

Whenever I use something from the garden for dinner (which is almost every night) I keep pointing out that “I grew that.” Retirement is grand!

Caroline tells her husband, Gene, that she’ll grow it as long as he’ll cook it.

Here is this morning’s bounty.

2 thoughts on “Early Morning Harvesting In My TN Garden

  1. Mom, I can’t believe how big this plot is! It really is a farm. Looks like you are getting lots of great stuff too. I miss having my own veggies in the back, but hopefully after we move we can reinstate the garden. How do they keep the deer and other wildlife away from all of this??

    • I haven’t the foggiest:) Racoons chewed on 2 ears of corn. We are just happy to get the nice fresh veggies that we get it.

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