Freshen Up

A top tip I’ve read for freshening up your house while it’s on the market is to display fresh flowers. The problem is one little mixed bouquet of flowers is usually $5-10 or more and they need to be replaced often. But I discovered that Aldi sells flower bouquets for only $4 (woo hoo!) so did a little flower rearranging with the bunch I picked up on my last grocery trip. I was able to spruce up not one, but three rooms in just one $4 pop! First of all, I have to give Aldi a plug. This grocery store is about as basic as it gets, but since about 80% of what we buy week to week IS pretty basic: bread, yogurt, milk, cereal, fruits/veggie, cheese, yadda yadda, it’s pretty sufficient. And the prices are my brand of Awesome Sauce. I highly recommend taking on the whole weird use-a-quarter-to-get-a-cart thing for the reward of spending about 1/2 your usual grocery bill— no coupon clipping required. Confession: the first time I went to Aldi, I was so intimidated by the cart system, I actually kind of lingered for a minute in the parking lot before approaching the door so I could just conveniently run into someone who was coming to return their cart and offer them my quarter in exchange instead of figuring out how to detach my own. I know, pitiful. But I’ve got it all figured out now, actually helped someone the other day!

Anyhow, Aldi has $4 bouquets and I experimented with breaking mine up into little bunches to sprinkle around the house. I came up with three little minis, including one for the bathroom…

the living room nook on the built-ins…

(hello neighbor’s car!)

and the dining room table…

I’ve been surprising myself all evening finding fresh flowers by my sink! Feels like I’m at some sweet B&B or something. Kind of makes me wonder why I don’t do this kind of thing for myself and Chad instead of just pulling out the stops for the strangers that come shop our house. Any other good tips for getting fresh lovelies for a good price? Or how to make them last longer? I just use plain cool water, but I wonder if those different tricks you hear about work to make them last. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Freshen Up

  1. Good job Linds. They look beautiful. One trick I have been doing is just using Hosta leaves with my Hydrangeas. They both seem to last for weeks. Hostas really add a lot to a boquuet. When the Hydrangeas start to turn green and purples they look just as beautiful as the blue and pink ones at peak bloom.

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