Fabric Dye Party For a Cause

Every other year the Village Quilters Guild has a quilt show. We have a boutique shop that we sell special items to make money to carry us for two years. It’s how we pay for our speakers and support our activities. We have actually donated thousands of quilts to various charities, such as Boys and Girls Club, our local dialysis unit, Habit for Humanity, nursing homes and Quilts of Valor. There are too many others to mention. Anyway, they like the quilt bees to each create something for the boutique, so I thought of dying scarves of velvet and silk with fringe. I ordered all the scarves from Dharma Trading Company and iDye in 11 colors. This company sells only items prepared for dying in addition to fabric paints, dye, leather paint and anything else that will alter a surface. Very fun company. So I set up the garage last Saturday and the ladies came with rubber gloves and lunch in hand. We had a ball.

After we finished our scarves, we hung them to dry in the sun. I strung lines from our flag poles to the trees. The neighbors loved it. Even the neighborhood guys stopped by in their golf carts to see what the heck we were up to.

Our Beautiful Scarves

After the scarves were finished, we decided to spruce up some of our old tops and tees. Our tops turned out so nice and now we have fresh new tops with an artistic flair!  We even dyed shirts for our husbands, thinking they would never wear them, but they loved them and have been wearing them for days! Not necessarily a good thing. I have to get Roger’s into the wash today. I think the scarves will be a hit at the show and sell quickly. We really had fun and I know I will do it again. I would like to half dip my white leather purse into a leather dye, probably denim blue. I can see it now. I have to show you this picture of my friend Caroline. She looks like a pedlar driving home with her wares.

Retirement is so fun!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Fabric Dye Party For a Cause

  1. Your neighborhood cracks me up- it’s Disney World for retired folks with golf carts!
    So those scarves arrived totally white and ready to dye? Looks like they took the color really well. Did you do a lot of cold rinsing?

    • Yes, the scarves arrive totally white and prepared for dying. You will see PFD on a bolt of fabric or item indicating prepared for dying. With this particular dye, you need to agitate the fabric with your gloved hands or it can be done in the washing machine. Very user friendly dye. You then rinse after the dye process is complete with just a few drops of Dawn. Rinse until clear.

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