Estate Sale Finds

My girlfriend, Caroline, and I are starting to have junking and yard sale shopping trips. We are always on the lookout for something that works in our homes after we put our magic touch on it (magic in our eyes). I never cared nor had the time to go to yard sales before, so there’s another fun thing to do when you are retired. The introduction of HGTV has turned me into even more of a DIY nut. Anything can be changed in my eyes.

Well I came home with a $10.00 chair and a $3.00 stool from this great estate sale. Caroline found a darling rectangular table with brass claw feet that was scratched and in need of a little veneer repair. My chair was solid but desperately need to be upholstered. The little stool was an old oak with narley divots. So we got together in my garage one day 2 weeks ago and painted our furniture. I have never upholstered before, but had watched my parents do it a time or two when I was young. So I knew to remove the old stuff and use it for a pattern. It had horse hair for the cushion and it was crumbling, so out it went. The rest was covered in new batting which kept it in place. I used fresh over the old and bought foam to replace the horse hair.

Soooooo we had read about the use of Milk Paint. It takes practically no prep and is a very old fashioned paint that is made with lime in it. You get a little more of a rugged finish.

I like the idea of a little bit of streaks because it fits my cottage feel I have in my home. So we purchased Milk Paint and went to work. So I got the chair done in several coats of a creamy white. Milk paint comes in powder form, so you mix it with water as needed. The thickness is up to the painter. It has an organic smell to it, which goes away once dried and it dries very quickly. The first coat needs bonding agent added if there is already some finish on the furniture. So all I did was wash the wood, give it a quick rub over with a sanding sponge and start painting. Only the first coat needs the bonding agent. Paint as many coats as you want…I did 3 then I painted a finish coat of Milk Paint Sealer. It gave the chair a nice soft sheen.

Then the real fun started. I had picked up some free fabric sample books at our quilt guild meeting that were in the color scheme of my home. We always have a free table at our guild meetings and it’s always crowded! I had a plan to cut up the fabrics from these books and make my own quilted upholstery fabric.

The chair is actually done and I am planning to enter it in our quilt show in October in the category of “other.” Here are a few of the in-process pictures.

It will be fun to see what people think of it. I’m keeping the final photos under wraps until the show. I have since glued hot pink fringe and gimp cord over all the stapled area. It looks so cute. I am very happy with the outcome!

As for my stool, I just gave it a cute cottage paint job. So here are the end results!

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