A Word From Mom (Pam)

This is my first attempt at blogging. I feel so “with it” as a retiree. I hope Lindsey will not have to edit too much. Anyway, now that I am retired I can do things I never had the time to do. I can spend time thinking and planning all the arts and craft ideas I want ,without making sure I  have to get to bed on time to get ready for work. Love it!  Like Lindsey said earlier, in my real life I was an RN. I loved my days of working in the various hospital departments and offices, but eventually burned out. We retired to Tennessee  4 years ago and we are loving life in a whole new way. In fact we have never been so busy.  We live in a community of mostly retirees that has clubs like I have never seen before. It is a lake and golf course community with loads to do. I am in a wonderful quilting guild of 300 women. We have national speakers from all over the country that come to speak to us on quilting and teach classes. It has taken my quilting knowledge to a whole new level. I am now considered an art quilter. I create nontraditional quilts that incorporate all sorts of mediums such as thread painting, hand dyed fabrics, paint, you name it. I take a lot of pictures of nature and flowers and use them for my inspiration. We are 45 minutes from the Smoky Mountains, so you could imagine the scenery I get to work with. I also love to knit, and started with a knitting group which, in turn, taught me many new techniques. Now I am  making  jewelry. I love to create jewelry with flowers of glass beads and now I am using my photography for making pendants. I glue the photo into the bezel and seal it with a resin that domes over the image. They are really fun to make. I did decide to start an Etsy Shop to sell my jewelry and maybe make a little money to support my craft habit. Etsy is a website that is nothing but creative items handmade or vintage that are for sale. It’s really fun to browse through and it also inspires me. My shop is PeeGee Jewelry. Well that is a bit of my background. Now I hope to share some of my projects that I have been working on.

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