Blooms and Blades

Hydrangea season is here! Among the chaos of the semi-neglected gardens we encountered when we moved into our house, I was pleased to find one of these bright flowering plants- shrubs? I’m not even sure what a hydrangea is considered. Well, it is just beginning to bloom, and I am hoping that this year it really fills out since I learned about pruning last fall. Look at those beautiful buds!

I’m afraid my pruning efforts weren’t quite right, because there are still a few wonky looking stems to nowhere, but it should perform a bit better that the previous year when the yard in general was running wild.

Our first year in our house, we barely knew where plants came up, let alone what they were and how to take care of them. For example, I found a nice little place to plant some lettuces and then quickly discovered the spot I chose was where rhubarb already lived! After that emerged, it quickly overgrew and killed my lettuce seedlings, of course. Lesson learned. Anyway, back to hydrangea… I’ve always loved these flowers, even had some incorporated into my wedding bouquet last year (another reason the gardens ran wild last season)! Note: bouquet photo below by Louisa Podlich

And I just requested a hydrangea necklace from Mom like the one in her etsy shop made from a tiny photograph of the hydrangea in her yard in TN. Seems hydrangea season has already been well underway down south. This necklace suits my style because it’s simple and has kind of a casual, vintage look to it with the unrefined chain and hammered bezel.

I will continue to tend my hydrangea this summer and hope that this year I can actually enjoy a few cuttings to bring inside. In other green thumbing activities, Mom has been tending a big veggie garden in a community garden space. Apparently she was appointed space for the first time this year so it is in its experimental first season. I am anxious to pay a visit and check out ‘the farm,’ as we affectionately refer to it. And a post on gardening endeavors wouldn’t be complete without this peek of progress we have achieved in our backyard over the past 3 weeks. We removed a rotten garden bed that primarily cultivated weeds and seeded it, along with a little dirt path that had been formed by Ollie traffic, with grass. Look how much growth in just a few weeks!

If you look carefully, just outside the back right corner of the previous garden bed, all the way on the right edge of the photos, you can see the progression of my struggling hydrangea as well. First it looks like a bunch of sticks, then leafed out a bit in the middle picture, and you can see the little poms blooming out in the third picture. I’m so glad not to look out the window and see a garden of weeds any longer!

6 thoughts on “Blooms and Blades

    • The heat we have gotten recently made it look pretty wilted, but I watered it thoroughly last night and it perked up within an hour. Amazing how well plants will do if you just water them…

  1. Love it, ladies! Consider me an official follower 🙂 Am I allowed to submit deocorating questions on this blog??? Haha – you are my inspiration for making some progress in our living room – the valance fabric has been ordered and I’ve been doing some decorating of the shelves. Like Lindsey always tells me “You can do it, Nat – you don’t need me!” Well, maybe I do a little , but I’m getting by 😉

    • Nat, so glad you are an official follower- maybe we will dedicate a post specially for the new valances? Hope your furniture shopping went well and congrats on making your (first ever?) fabric order! What width did you decide on? We should discuss your rod height as well… I was thinking about that the other night. 🙂
      Welcome to the blog!

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